Omicron and grief

Happy Sunday everyone – hope you all are safe and content in this beautiful day.

First, the Omicron variant. Hell.. Where are we going with this virus? I am glad that I have got my 3rd shot (booster). Yet, virulence of this variant is so high that we are told the majority of us would get it eventually. Boy, do I want to get it? No. The later is the better, when we have more understanding of this variant/virus. I do not wish to get this virus at all and am doing my best, but I know it may not be possible, as many people have been trying hard to prevent infection, yet they are infected now. The number of people who I know and are infected with Covid-19/omicron is increasing every week. Please be safe. Get vaccinated if you can to reduce the chance of severe infection, hospitalization, ICU admission, and death.

At one point, I want to say that we will and can go through this. On the other hand, I feel like we take one step forward and then another hurdle to overcome appears. Sometimes tired, sometimes resilient and hopeful, sometimes depression/anxiety, I do not know how I feel anymore. But I know that we should stick together and hope and work towards a better future. Please be kind to yourself, and realize that there are many of us out there supporting you and the wellness of our communities and societies. Do not give up.

My current feeling of depression is linked to both the risks and alarms created by Omicron and the grief I and my siblings are going through because of my mom’s passing. I am very concerned about my sister who has been taking it the hardest. I am very worried about her. What can I do? How can I help? Life can be so tight sometime. I have been contemplating during the Holidays that even the smallest thing can be a burden of thought for me, as I do not have a close social circle where I can ask for opinions or solutions. If you have good relationships with others who are helpful to you when you need it, please take a moment to cherish this.

Have a great Sunday.

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  1. You can be there for your sister by talking to her often, whether it is about your shared grief, or simply what she is up to that day. It’s extremely difficult in these challenging situations, there is no way to fix anything, but being there just by being present and making your presence known helps ❤️

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  2. In 2018 my mom died in a car crash. I had to take over and care for my dad who had dementia. He died at the end of 2020 of COVID. In the beginning of 2021 I got COVID and was hospitalized for a week. Grief, over and over again. As cliché as it sounds, it takes time. Or in my case, one disaster after the other to distract you.


  3. I can understand completely that you are feeling flat and worried about, well, *gestures vaguely at the world*
    You can support your sister by just being in touch with her and checking in on her.
    If she has a lot to do (and she likes that sort of thing) perhaps you could buy her a takeaway delivered to her door one night? We have done that for our friends before when SHTF which they really appreciated.

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  4. I know how hard this is for you and your family. Just let her know you are there – even a simple text message can make the difference. My brother and I started sending goofy gifs after mom passed. Simple yet uplifting (for our weird relationship)

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