socialization attempt – II

I have been blessed with yet another successful social yesterday 🙂

A friend of mine connected with me a colleague that just moved where I am and we thought we could get together over a brunch. I also invited another friend of mine, who is also a colleague. We had a wonderful brunch and then came to my place to do some baking together! 🙂

It was a fine day with lots of laughs and working together on food. None of us seemed to be an expert yet we all were interested in putting our hands on the dough. We tried mid-size and small loafs filled with beef, spinach etc. and they turned out to be tasty and lovely. We decided to do this again. It also turned out that the hubby of the new colleague has a tasty bread recipe from his mom, which we sure are to try sometime.

Company makes all the difference, is it not? I love and value both of my colleagues. There is diversity in our attitudes though – our new colleague is very down-to-earth and smart but not a dominant person. She also made herself at home, lovingly rolled the loaves and was excited to do so. It is a pleasure to be with this kind of people; it is comfy and friendly.

My other colleague is also very nice, but she thinks that I should change and arrange my furniture in a way that she thinks is best. I am so far kind and not taking it as a serious intervention in my life. But honestly, do you not get annoyed by people who think you should replace your furniture with the ones they like and then also arrange your home the way they like? It makes the impression that they do not like your house/furniture and also think that they know better than you do, even re; your own house?

Somebody needs to awaken these individuals; that we all have choices and when the right time comes I will make the arrangements in my house the way I like or decide. I guess young people are like that but I can be the wise one between the two and let this one go. I would love to deal with it better next time and make it clear that I have my own plans for my home – I think that would cut this down 🙂

what is important in life?

I just got a reminder for a meeting tomorrow late evening. It made me annoyed right away, not because of its late hour (6pm to be exact), but because of the people in that meeting. Last time I was at that meeting, the leader of the group was too interested in disrespecting and insulting me in front of others because of who knows what. This unprofessional attitude and the hurtful comments of that person stuck with me. One of those experiences that make me grind my teeth each time I remember.

Anyways; this entire meeting is for a large collaborative project where I am interested in being a part of. So I must bury my personal feelings and focus on my professional objectives.

I can do this by asking myself – what is more important? Feeling the annoyance by a ridiculous person, or feeling the excitement of a possible benefit to me by being a part of this project?

I chose to feel excitement.

Plus, is that project so important for my life?

Possibly not. I have people I love and care about; I have my health and well being, which are so far alright.

Years later when I age or on death bed, would I remember this person or this project?

Possibly not.

So, right now, after these evaluations, my decision is to go to that meeting  tomorrow. I can not care about that ridiculous person anymore.

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