Saturday morning musings

We are looking at a lovely Saturday again and I cannot help but take my time to enjoy my coffee and the hope that the day may bring 🙂

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I woke up early today which helps with my “taking time” routine. When there are enough hours in front of us, it is easier to relax, is it not?

I have a number of things to do today and I was thinking whether having lots of things to do is a good or a not-so-good idea. At one hand it helps me with boredom (what am I gonna do if there is nothing scheduled?) and on the hand hand it also makes me feel like rushing to start and complete things. Good kind o f stress? I will leave it to you to decide.

Our weather forecast says that we will have a snow storm or something like this today. Canada has been embracing an early winter the way I know and I am not surprised that our shoveling season will be open as of today. Nevertheless, I keep thinking that we would usually not get snow until after January, except last year we have had a couple of snow days in December. I got to remember that through a post of mine from last year – how wonderful that is? Our blogs are serving as a great memory books for us. At least for me. What a magnificent tool.


I think I just completed 3 years with this blog. What a great evolution I have had; I wrote poems, short stories, ranted, shared great news, reflected a lot, started bread, pickle, and jam adventures all in front of your eyes. I have also got to know some of you through your posts and interactions at the comments area. I learnt, I got inspired to change/improve, and I laughed and sometimes I cried with you. Virtual communities exist and change us in many ways.


Now it is time for me to start cleaning the home and hopefully start the pickling and jamming 🙂 I will be trying strawberry marmalade today from frozen fruits and I cannot wait to see how it will turn out 🙂

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What else to expect from this snow day?

Have a great Saturday everyone! 🙂

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a brief snap shot of the day

  • got up at around 8 am
  • felt kind of tired and un-enthusiastic
  • had an untasty breakfast and my coffee was cold. Can you imagine? My COFFEE WAS COLD!!! WHAT IS UP WITH TODAY?!!!!
  • cleaned the house – it lasted longer than regular. Only because of my lack of enthusiasm
  • spoke with sister and mom
  • did the laundry
  • fed my sourdough starter
  • digged up a portion of the yard; it started to look  lot better. I need two more days of work and then it will be fine. I will also plant seeds now that I have a piece of the yard without the grass 🙂
  • ate beans and it was lovely
  • walked to a store and picked milk, egg, soft drinks, and chocolate – ate the chocolate on the way home :)))
  • got bored at home so decided to walk 
  • ended up at the shopping mall
  • purchased freezer bags and parchment paper
  • walked back – it was raining lightly
  • enjoyed walking and getting the fresh air
  • now resting finally 🙂

I have a busy day tomorrow too. I want to shape and prove my sourdough loaf; work on the yard; speak with family; purchase a couple items for the dinner tomorrow; cook for the dinner; bake the sourdough; host my friends and enjoy the rest of the evening 🙂

Kind of feeling like a super girl nowadays 🙂

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it is not that bad

While I have bragged about how boring my life is, this morning I came to the realization that in the last one years or so, I have changed my life in a much better way.

First of; I started baking my own bread – they may not be the best, but they are getting better each time. More importantly, baking gives excitement to my daily life. Every Sunday I am eager to see how my dough and the loaf will turn out like! It is also healthy (I believe – it must be way better than the store-made bread). What a wonderful, healthy, and easy way to have a recurrent type of excitement 🙂

Second of; I eat better – that is for sure. I eat more raw veggies, which agree with my body. I have also lost some weight (even though I gained some of it back lately I am positive that I can do it again).

Third of; I walk more. I walked in the morning not only during summer, but also in winter (for the first time this winter) from home to office! For someone like me who was chronically tired, stressed, and impatient, this is quite an achievement.

Fourth; I have more energy – thanks to my iron and vitamin D supplements. This makes me feel better about myself and it is incredibly satisfying.

Fifth of; I am saving more than the last few years, so I am in much better shape financially.

Funny thing is that I have come up with these out of blue while walking  this morning 🙂


These being said, it is only normal to fix some issues and then move on with identifying and aiming to fix new issues. In this logic, it is almost impossible to be without any issue.


So I must be okay with having  a number of things that bother me now; 

I need a more social life; I do not know what that is gonna be but whether I join a hobby class or start hosting more frequently at home, I have got to come up with something.

I need variety – doing the same things and seeing the same faces/places are dead boring. I have every single right to be bored, considering the circumstances. I believe a new social hobby would enrich my daily life a little bit. Also, traveling is an opportunity to break it, but how frequently one can go away?

I need to stop believing that I am old. I am not old – older, yes, but not old. I still have a life!



I realized that the majority of the things that excited me in the past (hanging out with fiends, new challenges and hurdles to overcome, seeing new places, being spontaneous, living in big cities that have a lot to offer, falling in love, picking those lovely black shirts at stores etc.) are no longer in my life.

Did I get old?

What happened?

Why do I not have excitement in my life?

How did I end up in where I am and with what I do and live with?!!!


I have no one but myself who is responsible for this. I should have never moved in where I am. I knew I was not a small city person – walk to the same places, shop at the same malls, visit the same stores, see the same faces, eat at the same diners…. yet, I moved here because I have got an exciting work. Thanks! Argh!


I must start a social activity; maybe a cooking or sewing class. I am even in favour of attending a bingo night. Goodness, I must do something different than what I am doing – this is such a boring life!

Come on me, come on…

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the 2nd snow day in a row

Wow! We have had today as the snow day as well!

This is the first time I have seen two snow days back to back.

Man, the old man winter this year is sure quite energetic. Or furious.

If I were a student, I for sure would be happy and excited about these snow days. Yet, I was rather bored being at home yesterday and today. I am sure I am not the only one who felt that way – I know because I have seen a couple of people on social media expressing similar feelings.

One can ask why we cannot even enjoy two extra days as paid holidays

Sadly, I have no answer to that…..


Now back to my lovely hibiscus – rose hip tea with lemon juice and honey. Keep warm and enjoy your evening everyone! 🙂

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breaking the routine – April 16, 2016

This morning, I surprised myself by, instead of going to the same cafe for the same breakfast, going to another cafe 20 min away on foot. I think my mind was busy with thoughts and my feet just started walking towards another direction. When I noticed that I smiled and took this opportunity to visit a cafe I have not been to for some time.

Breakfast (consisting of my regular coffee and bagel combo) was not the best, but I appreciated the change of place. From there, I visited the bookstore and immediately liked and purchased a book about abundance. I then sat at another cafe next to the bookstore, ordered myself a cup of nice coffee, and started reading my book.

After, I decided to visit a local store or two to buy some food. I am particularly excited about the beef bones that I bought and that make awesome soup base/stock! Cannot wait to consume them.

It was a great morning and a great change of routine for me. Nothing feels better when you break the routine, stop doing the same things and visiting the same places.

It was long overdue for me and I was feeling the weight of the boredom lately. I am glad my feet drove me to another direction this morning and I am glad the weather was nice and I had a thin french-coat on me rather than the winter coat, which made walking not only easy but also pleasurable.

have a great Saturday everyone! 🙂

random thoughts

Outside looks a lot better compared to the morning. The frozen rain has stopped and the sky is not gray. This is always a much better, more welcomed scenery at this time of the year.

It has been a little bit of a boring day, when I have had all the time at my disposal but not knowing what to do with it. I did not want to shop, I did not want to walk, I did not want to get a hair cut. What did I want?

I am still not sure. I have read a page of my “A Clash of Kings” book. For some reason, I have lost my interest in this book a while ago, as it is a slow going book. The preceding book in the series, “A Game of Thrones” was more fluid, more interesting. Well, the general opinion is that this second book of the series “A Song of Ice and Fire” makes this kind of impression on the reader. OK.

On the positive side I talked with my family and also cooked a nice chicken broth-soup. Chicken broth has a healing power somehow – its smell makes me feel like all will be fine now. Weird. But I am sure I am not the only one who feels this way towards it.

I have another day to fill with activities tomorrow. I may go shopping tomorrow, but it will all be dependent on my mood and the weather. I have a busy week ahead and I am trying to take care of minor stuff as a preparation for the week; this feels good. This always feels good as the lagging tasks always make me stressed. And the best way to reduce the stress is to do something about the stressor. I have got this lesson learnt long time ago.

I was browsing the net yesterday night and I came across the TV series from 1980’s called Remington Steele with Stephanie Zimbalist and Pierce Brosnan at the leading roles. Did you know that there are videos (not the best quality but they make it) of the series on youtube? When I was younger, I had really enjoyed watching this series. I may as well binge watch it today and tomorrow.

have a great weekend everyone 🙂


random thoughts

I am somehow exhausted. I blame the hectic diet I have been having lately. I eat much less than what I used to do. This is partly because of the back pain I have had, which prompts me to lie/sit on the bed starting like 7pm every night, as the recliner or the chair are not comfy. Since I am a lazy person, sometime I do not get up and go down to the 1st floor to grab something to eat. As a result, my late night eating is reduced significantly.

This may sound like a positive change, but I am not sure. Considering that I usually do not have breakfast and my lunch is almost always a snack, like canned fish or trail mix, that leaves me with only the dinner as a daily source of nutrition and calories. I am a big girl and I need a lot of calories. More importantly, I should not be too restricting the caloric intake otherwise I believe my body will enter into a starvation mode and will frantically store whatever I eat as fat. That means imbalances in energy metabolisms as well as possible weight gain. Add up to these negative possibilities the feeling of exhaustion I have now, and you realize that something gotta change right away.

My exhaustion may as well be because of the boring work I have done the past few weeks. I have many stuff waiting on my to-do-list, yet I am spending the half of my time to train my team members. I wish that ended soon so that I can take care of my own work. I am mentally bored as a result and that may cause my exhaustion somehow.

Anyways, the good news I went to my bank and increased my biweekly RRSP contribution starting April. That is so cool! 🙂


what to do today?


I am bored. Tomorrow is the work day and work day means I must make important decisions, particularly an unpleasant one. The right decision is the best one, yet what do we do when the right decision pisses other people and this may return back to me as an issue in future?

Stress is not something I like. But I do not like being wrong, either. All of us must have been at this corner time to time. So you understand me.

I know I have a great day in front me yet I do not know how to spend it. I have been watching a TV series; I guess it is time that I give it a break and try something else.

I considered buying myself a lunch, but decided against it. I may try reading a book, but it is not very appealing right now, either. I am in the mood of exploring things, whether it is the merchandise on the shelves of a store or an unknown part of the city. Honestly I have no interest in going somewhere just to explore this city (the curse of a small and unappealing city), so it looks like it is a store.

I need some excitement, something interesting to do this afternoon and it is a pity that one thing I can come up with is to possibly shop. So be it, but that also tells me how pathetic my daily routine may get.

Enjoy your Sunday and may you all find something nice, exciting, or lovely in this beautiful day.



random thoughts

A wonderful, sunny and warm October day 🙂

Now that I have taken care of a bunch of work before I take my next trip, today feels “empty”.

What should I do to fill this boring sensation? 🙂

That is what working at a high speed does; one gets bored when it is finished. Only because our activities and thoughts are so much focused on the things we need to take care of. Naturally, we forgot about the rest.

Going back to my question, re: what should I do now, here are my options:

  1. take a long walk and enjoy the scenery
  2. read a book that I meant to read for sometime
  3. call a friend I have not seen or talk to for some time
  4. browse the TV or the internet for useful information or entertaining programs
  5. plan for the coming days or future ideas related to my life, life-style, or work
  6. declutter the final bunch (CDs and VHSs)
  7. stretch at home
  8. cook a nice meal
  9. drink tea or hot chocolate
  10. be grateful for everything I have
  11. explore a topic I have not tackled much, such as history
  12. make an inventory of what I have accomplished at work to see how well I have done, what needs to be expedited, what needs to be changed/improved
  13. assess my budget and healthy-life style plans
  14. make someone joyful by helping, supporting, or complementing
  15. do deep breathing exercises
  16. write a poem 🙂

Enjoy your Sunday everyone 🙂

Happy Friday everyone :)

Friday is here; happy friday everyone. I hope you are leaving the work behind and preparing for a relaxing and warm weekend.

I have not worked too much today; as a matter of fact I think I have not worked at all, but that is not true. The only reason I feel like this is because I did only light work, attended two important meetings, worked on a presentation, and left the office at 2pm because I was not really in the mood of working and I was bored.

I kept thinking; okay, I can leave the office now and take this opportunity to do something new, nice, or interesting. Honestly I could not think about something to do; I have been to the mall yesterday so I did not feel like going there again. So I started walking saying to myself that “along the way I can decide what to do”. Then before I know it, I reached home, and I said to myself “okay, let’s go eat somewhere”, I did that and now I am at home.

I wish I had worked really well so that I would be happy to come home. I noticed that if I do not get tired at the office, then I do not appreciate how relaxing being home is 🙂

joy journal – April 12, 2015

I have not been particularly feeling upbeat lately, yet I know writing this journal will help me remember/notice things that are actually positively influencing my life. So, here they come:

1. I am grateful for being healthy, well, and sound.

2. I am grateful for chilly yet bright day.

3. I am grateful for working a couple of hours at my favourite cafe yesterday and today.

4. I am grateful for eating salad today; a big bowl of it. I am grateful that I was not lazy enough to prepare it.

5. I am grateful for my job, salary, and benefits. these help me engaged, produce, and accomplish. They also help me with my life and financial independence. Certainly, it would help a lot if I had protected my money and spent it more wisely. When I was young, I was very good at it. In the last five-six years, I am somehow spending it without thinking too much. Do not get me wrong, I do save and invest for my retirement or for emergencies. Yet, I know if I was dedicated enough, I could cut back some of my unnecessary expenses and instead invest them. I try hard to implement a cut-back, yet it seems like I rather want to pamper myself. Consider me taking the cab to the office every morning; the bus stop is so close to me and it is only 8 stops to my office.

6. I am grateful for talking to my family on the phone. Their support and love is something I cherish the most.

7. I am grateful for my TV, my computer, and internet connection. Thanks to them, I can spend time learning or entertaining.

8. I am grateful for deciding  to sell my house and buy a condo. I think it is the best for me, though I am not naive enough to think that purchasing a condo will solve all the problems. It is only that I find it hard to take care of my place and it currently is too big for me. Within next year, hopefully I can start the process of selling-buying. The idea that I will not have to cut the grass, plant flowers and tend to the yard, arrange for repairs, painting the deck, do caulking around the house somehow gives me a relief.

9. I am grateful for its being a sunday. It is quiet day, mostly relaxing.

10. I am grateful for having calm nerves nowadays. It is a good feeling. I like myself calm and positive. Life is supposed to be dealt with and I am doing my best to do so. Past few months were stressful and busy; yet I have found a chance to take a rest from work thanks to my flu last week.

11. I am grateful for not getting a bad news today.

12. I am grateful for my clothes, furniture, and the food. they help me survive and nourish.

13. I am grateful for the day being almost over.While I enjoy being at home, sometimes I am deeply bored. I did not want to go somewhere else, such as shopping. I did not feel like going to the bookstore, either. I contemplated about eating out, but decided not to (could not come up with an appealing choice…).

14. I am grateful that my appetite seems to be curbed nowadays. Not sure whether it is a remnant from the flu last week, but so far I am okay with not eating too much, especially the bread.

15. I am grateful for writing this journal today. It has not been an “up” period lately, but not “down”, either. It is just what it is.

breaking the routine (or not) – March 10, 2015

I have had a weird day; yesterday night I took my time browsing the net, writing, reading, and enjoying my time ; I had great time actually 🙂 only because I had decided I would not go to office today.

OK – so I took my time getting up as well – got up after 10 am. then the moment I stepped in my living room, I got bored; I did not want to go to my favourite cafe for breakfast, and I did not want to go for shopping!!

What happened to me I have no idea; so I went to office.

Now; is being spontaneous, i.e. going to the office today even though I had planned not to, considered “a change” or not?

If not, I have done nothing to break my routine.

weird. weird. weird day….

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