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Looks like all of a sudden the grocery prices have increased where I am. I bought 5 tomatoes for $9.5 this past week. The first time I have spent that much on tomato…

Tomato is not one of the indispensable veggies in my diet. I hardly crave for it and rather have it as something that will create variety in my salad. Hardly use it in meals as well. But this week I wanted to eat tomatoes and, boy, the price almost shocked me.

Where I am we are mostly dependent on food grown in other places. Theoretically that means our food prices are already higher than other provinces in Canada. I used to live in Toronto; I know very well how abundant and affordable food is there. Variety is also awesome there. I miss shopping there.

Anyways, the reason I am writing this post is not to complain about the tomato prices. But I must admit seeing other bloggers spending much less than what I do for a much smaller amount of food somehow makes me wonder. For example,  the store Aldi seems to be selling food/grocery at good prices and unfortunately we do not have it here. Why not?

I am sure for many of you paying $9.5 for 5 medium sized tomato is something unbelievable. But believe me it is the truth. I want you to know I am not jealous or something; I just hope that you are grateful for what you can get at much lower prices than what others like me can.

Overall, the Canadian economy is not in good shape, with the announcement of a much increased amount of deficit today by the Minister of Finance;  sometimes I find myself thinking whether I am doing good with keeping my money in the bank or investing in stock market. What if we were to experience something similar to what Greece had last summer? What if we cannot have access to our own money? What if all goes wrong and  we lose what we already have?

I sometimes wonder how the people during the great recession (1927) or war-thorn countries survived the financial hardship and find food to survive. I also wonder about the poor families out there who are struggling to find food.

I will start including food in my joy journals and will remember to give my thanks when I purchase and eat them. I will also make sure to donate to food banks more frequently.

problems with economy and anxiety over retirement

Looks like Canada has an economic problem – our stock market has gone down, Canadian dollar is losing its value against the US dollar, employment rate in some provinces are as high as 19%oil-producing provinces like Newfoundland and Labrador as well as Alberta are struggling and losing jobs fast, and overall looks like we have a deficit this year, too.

I was having a conversation with a friend of mine today; we both never ever thought that the oil prices would go down like this (and create this havoc at least in the oil-producing provinces); as long as I know myself, oil prices always went up. It was the best investment for many people.

Not anymore.

I guess that is what it means to have an unpredictable economic future.

Economists for a very long time have predicted an economic slow down for countries like Canada, whose population is rapidly aging. My friend and I are relatively young, but today we also got depressed about our retirement and pension plans. Will the company retirement plan and CPP (Canadian Pension Plan) be healthy 20-30 years from today?  What will happen to our personal savings and retirement investments, such as TFSA and RRSP, which are also dependent on the market?

Will we able to ever retire?

We really do not know. But maybe this would be the chance for me to move to a south American country at my retirement should I afford a better life standard with my savings/retirement plans at that time. This of course is possible should we all keep our jobs…

Cannot think about losing my job. It is true that I am not perfectly happy with the city I live in or the weather. But I love my job; it is the best job for me and if we do not count the stress it creates in me, I love, love, love it. Plus, it is more or less stable and my salary and benefits (although are not as good as other institutions around the country) provides me with an above-average living standards and insurance plans/protection.

I have had chased a job like this for decades and I know how losing a job feels. All the uncertainty and financial hardship it brings. The hopelessness and low morale that comes with it… Although eventually we mostly end up finding a job good enough for us, no, I do not wish anyone to lose their job. I included.


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