Excitement is an integral part of life, is it not?

I feel much better and energized when I am excited about something. Maybe it is my saving and budgeting efforts. Maybe getting stuff on sale with really good deals. Maybe it is baking a great bread and making plans for the next ones. Maybe it is walking in the mornings or finding a great book every once a while. Maybe it is accomplishing something at work, working efficiently, and getting good news/recognition. Maybe it is the nice weather and awakening of the nature with the coming of Spring. Maybe it is the coming vacation to be spent with my family. Maybe it is blogging and knowing that I am a part of a meaningful, informative, and supportive community.

Whatever it is, I increasingly realize that excitement is a good thing for me.

My budget has always excited me, occupied my mind with its ups and downs, and with its progressive and nowadays stable nature. To tell you the truth now that I am spending much less than before, and know and apply saving strategies that work for me, I am not as excited about it as before. OK….

Books still excite me, but I have got used to be on shopping ban for them and the fact that I have many books at home to be read, including the GRMM’s A Song of Ice and Fire, I am not really excited by the idea of buying books. The only book I can buy is about how to make bread – that is all. And I guess I will wait till my vacation to buy one or two.

Work has been exciting today as I could work efficiently and with less than regular distraction. I am moving a good project and that feels good. Also, my colleague from yesterday and I interacted quite positively today, which removes any stress about our potential conflict. All to be grateful for and yes I am excited about these.

I do not wish to walk in the mornings nowadays and I am okay with this. I know when I feel so, I will walk. I am not pressuring myself and I kind of take it as it happens. I am also excited about this lack of pressure and comfort I provide to myself.

Spring, of course, is amazing and I continue to be excited about it. I gave water this evening too to the seeds that I planted at the weekend. I also am happy to see my rosemary is looking considerably healthier that the weekend, thanks to watering it every morning. i am excited about this, too.

I am yet to feel excited about my vacation as I am more focused on finishing things at work prior to leaving. I usually start feeling excitement the day of my travel – I cannot wait for that. there is something awesome about leaving everything behind and taking a break to focus on what is important in my personal life for a change.

I am excited about trying breads, yet I develop that fear of running out of ideas or recipes to try. I know this is not a realistic fear as I am sure there are tons of recipes out there. But, I guess what this tells me is that I like to figure things out, try and experiment. Once I figure things out, then they are not that interesting anymore. So I constantly come up with new plans – like making my own pasta (which I will try some other time). I am also excited about the prospect of purchasing cookie sheets, dough scrapper, and a nice mixing bowl.

Luckily, I get to search for and identify the items on sale each week by checking three store in my close vicinity – that excitement is thus permanent.

I realized that anticipation seems to be a common theme in my bread-making, planted seeds, work, and budget adventures. An interesting driver of excitement.

I realized that once I got something integrated in my life, like my budget, I am not that excited any more.

I realized that some of my excitements are temporary, such as Spring and my rosemary.

I realized that maybe that is why I need to keep look for other activities/things/hobbies to keep myself excited.

Oh well..

Nonetheless, I would like to remind myself that I have time and resources such as internet – I can figure them out.

Who knows what they will be and how they will change my life. Now this idea is exciting!


honestly random thoughts

I found myself thinking about things not necessarily worth writing an entire post about. So, instead of losing them forever, here they are;

1. why do we not have “good news” channels or newspapers? I had heard one newspaper once a year would only publish positive news. I applaud that newspaper and I hope they will consider doing this everyday.

2. why do I have a tendency for physical laziness but not mental one? I love writing, reading, thinking, analysing but I seem to have lost my aptitude for physical exercise, walking, moving around the house, etc. When did I become this? and why?

3. I am not sure why I almost always miss Thursdays; seriously almost everyday has a meaning or task attached to it, but not Thursday (Tuesdays are quite similar, too; but at least it is close to Monday and as such still feels like the beginning of week and as such has a high energy….). While having a conversation with one of my colleagues today I realized it was a Thursday… Thursday; the day before Fridays. Thursday; the day almost always indifferent or forgotten; Thursday; the day reminds me that the week is almost ending but the work has not been taken care of.. Thursday, the day I have no idea what is happening….

4. I could not get used to the day-light savings thing… I keep getting up an hour later than before. I keep not bothering myself about it. That being said, when am I going to get a break from the work? And when I get it, what am I going to do? I obviously cannot spend time at home (boring), shopping requires time and energy (though once I am in the shopping mall, I usually feel energized 🙂 )….

5. My primary plan (to help break my routine, to help feel excited/positive) should be to find things that will be interesting to do. Art galleries? shows? new book-stores? (yes, yes, yes!!) 🙂 Oh boy…. Book-stores it is…

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