holidays diary – Day 6

My goodness – almost a week of the holidays vacation is over.

At least today was a little bit better. I went to office today and worked like 5-6 hours. It felt good. I love how my office looks now, clean, well organized, and full of beautiful plants. Honestly after 5 days at home, seeing the sky from my office window was also priceless. I felt “hopeful” :).

Then I took the donation items with me and went to a charity/thrift store. I am grateful that I was able to share my now-unneeded items with others – what a blessing. I also shopped there – I bought two blouses and two planters 🙂 One of the pots took my breath away when I saw it – again, I feel quite lucky. My new blouses are great-looking and, hey they were 50% off today 🙂 How lucky one can get sometime 🙂

I was also fortunate enough to purchase notebooks that I use so frequently. They were on sale as well. I had imagined them to be on sale and purchased during the holidays. My imagination turned to be reality today. I feel fortunate and very excited about all these positive experiences today.

On the way back home, I was thinking on the bus that I actually like my office, my work place, thrift stores, and the bus. Feeling joyful 🙂

I do not know whether it was getting out of home after 5 days, shopping and finding items that I loved, or some other mysterious thoughts that went through my mind on the way back home, but today I have felt grateful and excited about my life again. I am blessed.

Let’s remember that the new year is the year of Ease, Comfort, and Appreciation.


preferences for social activities

I have just declined a social invitation from a nice couple that I happen to like. I have met with them last week for a dinner and I will be meeting with one of them for a breakfast this Wednesday. The social that I refused to take part was scheduled for the next weekend.

This is the second time that I said no to these lovely people. Seeing  them rather frequently is the first reason for my refusal and the restaurant choice is the second. The place they have chosen is an expensive diner with food that does not appeal to me. Honestly I have no reason to spend 90 bucks on something that does not even excite me.

But the first reason re; seeing them lately too frequently is something that I always knew but never voiced before. Well…. It is true. I live alone and am perfectly happy with it 99.9% of the time. When I see people rather frequently I develop negative reactions. I cannot help it.

At least I have been true to them and to myself.  I really like these people. Hopefully next time we will eat at my place.

These friends of mine seem to get me and do not push it, which is awesome. I had friends in Toronto who would get quite upset if I had declined their invitations. It was so weird, so ridiculous that eventually our friendship has ended. I have not talked to them for quite a long time. Honestly I could not care less. You cannot force people to socialize with you whenever you want it. See, I am still angry with those people.

Anyways; I am thankful that I continue to be assertive and say “No” as necessary and I have great friends who totally get it and still be cool with me.

I feel good about myself and lucky 🙂

A day

I keep getting up early.

I was up at around 8 am this morning. When I wake up that early, the day is so long that I can do everything in it. Like today; I got breakfast, cleaned my home, did laundry, talked to my family, walked to my office, worked like 4 hours, walked back home, cooked meal, and prepared my sourdough for tomorrow. Now, I am chilling.

Wohoo! 🙂  This is a lot of things to do in a day without getting bored or stressed. Yep – I did it. I did all of these without getting bored or without getting stressed 🙂 What a blessing.

Everything was nice and easy today. Cleaning was easy. There was only two loads of laundry. It was too much windy but I walked 30 min to office and then back to home and enjoyed every minute of it anyhow; the work I have done at the office was great – I did not stress myself at all. I just worked without any pressure and I did really good. 

Overall, I could not be happier and excited about getting up early, finding a long day ahead of me, and being stress-free! 🙂

Hey, maybe I will do that again tomorrow 🙂

Tomorrow is my bread baking day. Every loaf is an excitement – after all, there can not be another copy of a loaf. Each one is individual. They cannot be replicated 100% – no matter how hard we try. That is why each Sunday I have excitement guaranteed – “how will this loaf turn out?” What an exciting question! How nice to have this excitement every week.

I am so lucky.

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feeling lucky (again) :)

This past weekend I switched from my lovely canvas purse to another leather one, as the weather started to act and rain is a regular event now. Yesterday I noticed that it has a zipper-secured section on the side. Just out of curiosity I checked inside and found around $22 worth of coins 🙂 I must have put them there last time I used it.

This is the second time I find a considerable amount of money forgotten; once in a coat’s pocket and now in my purse. It both cases, I was surprised quite a bit. But, most importantly I also felt lucky to have them back 🙂

It is not too much of an amount, but, hey I have a sewing machine plan to save money for! Together with a $4 savings I have had from a regular expense today, I have a total of $26 in the sewing machine account. $274 to go 🙂

Feeling lucky :)

We have had such an incredible day today that I could not help but felt very lucky 🙂 It was a wonderful November day; warm and shinny. It is very unusual for where I am, which is known to have gray sky and cool weather year round. Once cannot not take note of such an exceptional day 🙂

I felt lucky for an additional time when I took the artwork I have got from a thrifty store last Friday to my office and when it just fit the wall and its environment so well! It is a simple canvas painting of a house on a summer day filled with light, shadows of the leaves, trees, and flowers 🙂 Just by looking at it I feel like I am in a Mediterranean country and vacationing 🙂

It is exciting to feel lucky.. I hope all of you have had a similar experience that made you feel this way today.

coupons can be exciting sometimes

If you follow me, you know well that even though I am on a frugal journey, I am not interested in couponing, unless coupons show up at my doorsteps as inserts or are stuck on the items in the stores.

This week I have got 3 inserts and several coupons that I can use. Two of them were manufacturer coupons for my hair dye ($2 each), which I was planning to purchase this week (they are on sale on a store nearby). I went to the store this morning and found out, to my surprise, that the packets also had $3 store coupons on them. So I bought three packages and together with the sale price, I paid $20.5 and saved $21.

Can you imagine?


This is the first time that I have got that lucky with coupons. Perhaps I should be paying more attention to them?

I honestly think that I can start a new project where I can donate the savings I got from coupons. It may not be too much, but even a small amount is helpful.


a quick thank you note

Today I have reached 700 followers..

Wow! 🙂

Thank you each one of you and I hope you will continue to enjoy my future posts. As you know I write on a variety of topics – from frugality to decluttering; from life to work; from philosophy to human pain and love; from poems to short story attempts, and many others. Nothing particular indeed ! 🙂

I sure enjoy writing honest and modest posts and interacting with you. I am amazed how supportive, wise, and humorous some of us can be. I feel lucky.

Stay safe and happy. Best.

feeling lucky again

I lost my reading glasses while returning back from an appointment. The moment I realized this, i first check everywhere at home and then decided to walk back to the appointment place. I was worried because while I have another pair, the lost was the one that I like and am comfortable with.

So, I left home and walked only 20 meters and there they were! Right in the middle of the road! I affectionately picked my glasses up, cleaned and put them where they belong to 🙂

I am grateful for finding it so easily and undamaged. It could have been somewhere I could never find; it could have been picked up by someone else; or it could have been run over by a car and broken. Yet, it was not.

Perhaps it is true that sometimes happiness occurs when we get something back, which we have not appreciated while in our possession/life, even though it deserved it well.


I just feel lucky

It is one of those days that I feel really lucky – how great is this? 🙂

First; work went well and two presentations I was stressed about turned out to be just ready. What a relief! I now have time for other stuff that requires my attention and my stress levels have just went down. I sure will enjoy my labour day long weekend without working 🙂

Second: I continue to walk in the mornings to the office. Weather is awesome, and more than that, I have the energy to wish to do so! I am lucky that my doctor did blood work and supplemented me with iron and Vitamin D. I truly believe that they have made a difference in my life and the way I feel.

Third: I bought  second hand pantry yesterday. The previous owners delivered it to me 🙂 It is almost new, has a nice dark colour, and its shelves are really tall. It provides me with extra storage now; I will keep all the cleaning products and other home-snuff (like nails, glues, etc) that are currently placed in my first pantry or kitchen cabinets. I will transfer all the non-food items from the first pantry to open space for my flours and other dry food. I feel ecstatic about this 🙂

Fourth: considering the pest problem in the recent past, I had bought plastic containers to keep my dry food and flours in. Guess what? They just fit in to the pantry #1! So I will be able to secure my food in them and store everything in the pantry. No more mid-size plastic containers around 🙂

Fifth; my two new second hand rugs just changed the face of my living room. Yes, they needed some cleaning, but I love both of them and they make me feel at home. Plus, they were too delivered to my home with no extra charge. Together with the new pantry, these rugs improved the homey feeling of my house and made my life better with little effort.

I feel very good about all of these; certainly very, very lucky 🙂

It feel awesome to feel this way.

joy journal – August 28, 2016

joy 🙂

happiness 🙂

peace 🙂

I am feeling very good today and one of the things that can increase that feeling is to be able to remember and contemplate on things/people/experiences that have been giving me joy, comfort, happiness, and peace. So, here they are:

1. I am grateful for sleeping well and waking up feeling peaceful

2. I am grateful for buying myself a cup of nice coffee and not eating muffin or bagels (I wanted to, though… 🙂 )

3. I am grateful for finding the receipts for the items that I had bought a while ago, which were not  needed anymore (and were not used, either). I have done this a couple of times lately; not that I like the extra effort to return stuff, but it is just awesome to be able to get rid of extra stuff from home and also get the money paid back. Win-win!

4. I am grateful for taking the bus to the stores and back. I am glad that I did not need to wait long for the bus today – I feel lucky 🙂

5. I am grateful for speaking with my family 🙂

6. I am grateful for putting some items for sale online. I am not asking for a lot of money and I hope that the items will be gone soon. Guess what I am planning to do with the money? Donate it to the animal shelter! 🙂 What a great cause, what a great happiness!!

7. I am grateful for eating well today

8. I am grateful for baking yet another steel-like sourdough loaf 🙂 I must pay more attention to the critical points of baking, rather than improvising I guess. I sure will try to eat it, and if not, turn it into croutons 🙂

9. I am grateful for preparing another batch of frozen green beans with tomato. Green beans and tomato were incredibly cheap this week and I could not help but think about freezing them. I feel very content and excited about this food freezing practice (which I started only lately). In my freezer in addition to the green beans, I have blanched carrots, zucchini, bone broth,and bread all prepared by myself. I am loving this no food waste and preserve food adventure of mine 🙂 I feel so able and so abundant!

10. I am grateful for stretching my body and getting some relief from it

11. I am grateful for getting a second hand pantry today! Boy, I have been meaning to get one for sometime and this one looks like a good fit. It is a little bit taller than what I ideally would like to have (to fit a corner in my laundry room), but I decided I could make some arrangements and still make use of it. I needed storage space to store some items here and there (like the laundry detergents that lie on the floor) and this pantry looks just fine to me. The couple brought it right to my home and I guess it was a great deal. Exciting! 🙂

12. I am grateful for relaxing whole day without stressing about anything. I realized, thanks to a couple of weeks lately that were stressful and emotional, that I usually feel quite good…. What a blessing

13. I am grateful for all the food I have in my fridge, pantry, and freezer. I am abundant:)

14. I am grateful for having the night to myself and enjoying it so far

15. I am grateful for my family, friends, job, salary, benefits, insurance, bank, house, all the furniture and services (cable, phone, internet etc.), bus service, neighbours, colleagues, food, clothes, and many others in my life that make my life fun, safe, healthy, and lovable.

16. I am grateful for being grateful!




My first day with Jamie the cat

there he is! Jamie 🙂

Alright friends; I survived it 🙂

I brought Jamie home from the shelter (with the help of my friend, who encouraged me to adopt a cat and has been with me several times to see/check Jamie at the shelter). She has been instrumental in me finding a company and Jamie a home 🙂

I was not sure what would happen, as I was said at the shelter that he is a scared kind of cat. They told me it is mostly the other cats that scares him, but nobody would know how it would be at his new home. They advised me to keep him in a room for a few days prior to introducing the rest of the house to him, and spend time with him.

Okay. So I got a small room readied for him; everything is in there; toys, bed, scratcher, food, water, litter box,  carrier/pet taxi, a high bed-side drawer (so that he can go up to feel safe; that is what everybody says about cats; they like heights), the pillow I sit on while I am in the room, and an old small luggage of mine, which I thought he would like as a hiding place (he loved it 🙂 ).

During the entire time, I stayed in the room for 20-30 min and then left him alone to do other stuff in other parts of the house.  That works just fine with me.

But when I am in his room, I ignore him mostly, work on my computer, and let him approach me.  I am happy to say that we made frequent contacts as soon as he finished exploring his environment 🙂 I just offer my hand and he comes and pets himself as he pleases.

I talk to him too, which is weird 🙂 But I can see his tail waving, I hope that means he is okay with that  🙂

We did head-butt a couple of times, which I think is friendly.

I am not sure whether he liked his litter though – he seems to play with it and spread it around (the floor is like a war-zone – I have never seen that much dirt in my house before 🙂 ). I hope to see in the morning that he uses it.

For some reason, he is not eating his treats but seems to have liked the wet food I gave him. That is alright. I plan to feed him with wet food once a day or in two days or something. I am glad I have got something that he liked 🙂

We also play lightly; he likes the feathered fishing pole kind of toy very much. My friend told me not to stimulate him too much and I think for the first few days, we will keep our play times short.

By the way, what is up with catnip guys! I spread a pinch or two around the scratcher and the litter box and the cat has gone crazy! I mean, real crazy :)))

I left him in his room for the night and I am not sure what he is doing or how he will spend his time. But he needs to adjust to this. I hope not to get crazy and check on him every once a while. …

Anyways…. Overall it is good that we are getting along and fear is not a factor between us 🙂

I must thank my friend (which I have already many times) and another friend of my friend. See, my friend’s friend has given a cat taxi for Jamie (and toys and all bunch of other things) and my friend brought them to the shelter. I appreciated this so much 🙂 I was planning to buy a carrier but I was not sure which one to choose. That solved one problem right there. Some people are really nice 🙂

And I feel just lucky today.

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