pen versus keyboard

Writing can be addictive.

Yes, indeed.

Prior to this blog, I used to write on paper. It is still my favorite – I love the feeling of holding a pen and letting it glide on the paper. Whenever I have a moment to spend, I am likely to write down something; whether a plan, a poem, a note to be used later, or whatever is going thru my mind. I am good at “free writing” as well; what I write pretty much every time surprises me. All these things that went through my mind:) Give the “free writing” technique a try and see yourself.

While writing with a pen is my favorite, I must confess it is very difficult to read my hand-writing. So maybe 10% of the time I can decipher what I have written without much difficulty 🙂 That is not an exaggeration. Though I am very curious about my own writings, it is a challenge.

So, this can explain why I see a benefit in blogging (in addition to get to know good people and have good interactions with many here): I can read what I have written; my writings are available anywhere in the world through the net, and most importantly except I lose my blog-space, they are permanent 🙂

Of course it is not unusual for me to destroy things that are not useful or valuable anymore. Or, a source of head-ache for some reason. But until then..


self reflections on a poem re; one part of me is yours

In an earlier post, I had come up with a two-line poem:

one part of me is yours;

I treasure it more than anything else

I have since been perplexed and mesmerized by it because I am not sure whether it is the most romantic or the cheesiest thing I have ever said.

If not cheesy then, what does it mean? What is its significance? What was I thinking while writing it?

I sometime have free-writing sessions where I just type down things as they appear in my mind. That poem was a product of such a session, though I certainly had an inspiring person in my mind. So sadly, I cannot know what was going through my mind at that time.

But I contemplated about the other questions. My current interpretation is that she refers to her feelings, thoughts, care, and memories about him (or maybe just her heart) when she says “one part of me is yours”. That I would say is a romantic thing to say, though one can question why she was his only in part but not entirely. Realistically, one part is good enough. So I will leave it here.

While the first part is a simple but powerful statement, the second part is overly a cliché (e.g. treasure) and an over-generalization (e.g. more than anything else), so there is a little bit of a sharp turn here. Anyhow. But I understand that she values and cherishes that “part” of her very, very much. Why? Just because it is his? I think that is a critical question to ask but I am not sure whether I have an answer to it yet. Additionally, she sounds overly protective of her “part”; I would say she is determined.

These being said, I need to go back to the section above; “she values and cherishes that “part” of her very, very much“.

Even more than him??

When I reflected on this question, I realized that the entire effort to find a meaning, a label for this poem fell apart. I realized that she does not have him. All she has of him is her “part”. This is her only connection to him; if she loses her feelings, thoughts, memories about him, she loses him. She loses her love. That is why she values it that much.

This poem is not romantic or cheesy; it is a very sad poem.

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