all the good things – check

It has been a fine day, my friends. Not spectacular but just fine – I am grateful.

  • sleeping an hour longer than usual and resting with ease – check

this has been a welcome change in my early bird/short sleep habit. I woke up at around 4-5 am, but was able to go back to sleep or just lie there without feeling stress or dealing with negative thoughts. I have had some peace at last 🙂

  • treating myself to some baked goods from the coffee shop – check

I usually do not do this, but today was the day that I in fact craved for some comfort food. I am glad I treated myself

  • engaging in a meeting with an important focus and doing my job – check

don’t we all love meetings where we just sit and are expected to nod heads or something? I am not interested in sitting in an environment unless I engage my head and contribute to discussions. This means sometime finding myself in trouble 🙂 but this is okay. I am getting increasingly aware, thanks to this kind of meetings, that I am methodological and would like to see/know the facts before I can make a decision. This is in contrast to many people who I would label as kind of conformist as they just sat there and vote for what the majority or the leader does. Do you see why I said earlier that I sometime find myself in trouble? 🙂

  • finding out that I had a supporter in that committee – check

one of my colleagues approached me after the meeting and we talked about the dynamics of the meetings, sub-groups that support each other, and how we both fit in it. It was great to have this conversation, as I found myself think more about my own behavior and realize a thing or two. I realized I did not care about the opinions of the other members who would dislike my questioning or comments. I realized also what a positive effect I have had on my colleague now that they felt supported as well. How fresh and how lovely….

  • gifting a friend of mine with some pots and other stuff – check

my friend has been very generous with me and she gifts me all the time with new plants or with food. Last week she brought me some food, which I enjoyed very much. I thought that I could get her something she was likely to need or use, and I ended up with purchasing a number of lovely pots for her a few days back. She was excited and happy to receive them and seeing this was awesome. Generous people like this person deserves every kindness

  • getting a ride from another colleague of mine – check

I was so exhausted at noon that I jumped into this opportunity – it was lovely of her to do this. Yet another generous person 🙂

  • forcing myself to work at home, but finding myself quite un-enthusiastic – check

why would I be ever grateful for this kind of negative experience???

I can tell.

I noticed once again that I was the boss of myself and if I did not work I would not feel good. I consider doing grocery shopping and then ruled it out. Since I was determined to use my time well so that I can catch up with the mounting work, but also I was not really into work that requires high level of focus, I decided rather to clean and organize my home. I had not had a chance to do so last week. My friends – it felt great to be seeing my home clean, my floors, shinny, and my desk decluttered! I felt an immediate relief and a sense of peace and harmony 🙂

  • completing and online learning module with ease – check

while I was not into work, I wanted to at least take care of minor things that I was supposed to do in a week or two, so that later I could have time for much important things. This module did not take much of my time, but learning the main points made me feel satisfied with myself. I used my time effectively and opened some space for later. So I am very pleased with my decision 🙂

  • cooking not one but two dishes and eating them with a great appetite – check!

I have not cooked in the last 2-3 weeks. This felt very nourishing and pleasing. I am very happy with this!

  • feeling all energized and positive after these experiences today – check!

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all the good things – check

  • sleeping well and dreaming…. a lot – check 🙂

Only sometimes I remember my dreams and remembering three dreams in the morning was absolutely interesting!

  • waiting at home for the bus so that I could continue my frugal, simple, and responsible life style I missed so much – check
  • feeling happy when the bus comes – check!

Our buses runs every 30 min – give me some credit for taking them, please :)))

  • working nice and easy during the day without much of a stress – check
  • giving a small loaf of sourdough to one of my friends and seeing her joy and excitement – check, check, check 🙂

I am grateful for this feeling of happiness coming from sharing my bread, marmalade, or pickles – looks like my friends really like and appreciate them, and this just makes me hugely grateful! How did I come up with the idea of baking bread? making marmalade or pickle? Boredom, which motivated me to try these endeavors, has been good to me indeed 🙂

  • coming home early and taking a new yoga/stretching class – check

I dedicated this session to appreciating myself more (wow – I am really getting healed here 🙂 ) and I spent the entire one hour by focusing on all the good things and appreciating my ability to do so. One of the best 12 bucks spent ever 🙂

  • eating home-made food and a large salad – check
  • having a no-spending day – check!

I am excited about this. I think I am slowly coming back to my frugal self. Today is the second day of being frugal in a very long time and it feels fantastic. If only they did not expect a snow storm soon – that may mean that I may need to take a cab to or from work. We will see how weather will develop.

I plan to do some sort of pantry challenge next week so that I can consume what I already have. This will help me with saving some money and also enable myself to consume what I already have and replace them with fresh ones. I really need this so that I can get my chequing account back to a healthy level, which always feels good. Time to do this!! 🙂

  • Being calm and relaxing this evening – check

I am not working tonite and it feels good to me. I know time to time it gets really heavy but nowadays I feel like I deserve a break and I aim to cherish it while it lasts

  • interacting with only lovely friends and colleagues today – check
  • eating yogurt – check
  • being excited about all the good things and people in my life -multi-check!






Happy new year to who?

I have been very fond of my friends and teachers/mentors and every Dec 31st, I would send a short but personalized email to each one of them to express good wishes for the coming year.

I stopped doing this last year. Last year I wanted to see who would email me before I email them. Only one friend of mine and a previous mentor of mine did this. These people deserve the best.

I was frustrated with the rest and this year too I am not going to send my traditional happy new years emails. I want to see who would take their time, remember me, and send me good vibes. I am not very hopeful, but who knows maybe one or two people will be doing it. If not, my motto will be “Let’s declutter that part of life, too“.

The other two, on the other hand, have been emailed or will be emailed tonite. They have a special place in my heart.

And to you all out there, I do not know you personally but I am extending what I would say to my family – Happy New Year! May 2018 be an exceptional year with lots of positive vibes, memories, and experiences. Live it to the end and live it to the fullest!

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my kefir grains :)


My friend who we visited yesterday gave me kefir grains! 

I am so excited!

Last year I had looked on the net for information about it. I was hesitant to purchase it, so I let it go from among my plans. So when my friend yesterday asked me whether I have had other fermented food (she knows that I have a sourdough starter),and whether I would like some kefir grains she has had,  I was like, yes – please!! 🙂

A wish came through.


I m grateful for my friend and my sourdough starter – it will keep company of my second house pet 🙂

My first day with Jamie the cat

there he is! Jamie 🙂

Alright friends; I survived it 🙂

I brought Jamie home from the shelter (with the help of my friend, who encouraged me to adopt a cat and has been with me several times to see/check Jamie at the shelter). She has been instrumental in me finding a company and Jamie a home 🙂

I was not sure what would happen, as I was said at the shelter that he is a scared kind of cat. They told me it is mostly the other cats that scares him, but nobody would know how it would be at his new home. They advised me to keep him in a room for a few days prior to introducing the rest of the house to him, and spend time with him.

Okay. So I got a small room readied for him; everything is in there; toys, bed, scratcher, food, water, litter box,  carrier/pet taxi, a high bed-side drawer (so that he can go up to feel safe; that is what everybody says about cats; they like heights), the pillow I sit on while I am in the room, and an old small luggage of mine, which I thought he would like as a hiding place (he loved it 🙂 ).

During the entire time, I stayed in the room for 20-30 min and then left him alone to do other stuff in other parts of the house.  That works just fine with me.

But when I am in his room, I ignore him mostly, work on my computer, and let him approach me.  I am happy to say that we made frequent contacts as soon as he finished exploring his environment 🙂 I just offer my hand and he comes and pets himself as he pleases.

I talk to him too, which is weird 🙂 But I can see his tail waving, I hope that means he is okay with that  🙂

We did head-butt a couple of times, which I think is friendly.

I am not sure whether he liked his litter though – he seems to play with it and spread it around (the floor is like a war-zone – I have never seen that much dirt in my house before 🙂 ). I hope to see in the morning that he uses it.

For some reason, he is not eating his treats but seems to have liked the wet food I gave him. That is alright. I plan to feed him with wet food once a day or in two days or something. I am glad I have got something that he liked 🙂

We also play lightly; he likes the feathered fishing pole kind of toy very much. My friend told me not to stimulate him too much and I think for the first few days, we will keep our play times short.

By the way, what is up with catnip guys! I spread a pinch or two around the scratcher and the litter box and the cat has gone crazy! I mean, real crazy :)))

I left him in his room for the night and I am not sure what he is doing or how he will spend his time. But he needs to adjust to this. I hope not to get crazy and check on him every once a while. …

Anyways…. Overall it is good that we are getting along and fear is not a factor between us 🙂

I must thank my friend (which I have already many times) and another friend of my friend. See, my friend’s friend has given a cat taxi for Jamie (and toys and all bunch of other things) and my friend brought them to the shelter. I appreciated this so much 🙂 I was planning to buy a carrier but I was not sure which one to choose. That solved one problem right there. Some people are really nice 🙂

And I feel just lucky today.

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