and they will say

they will say “oh, he is nice”

his laugh, his energy, his interest

in life and work is profound

they will say “and, he is pretty”

his eyes, his shoulders, his stand

the way he carries his own

they will say “ah, we miss him”

his talk, his look, his voice

the way he looks away

heavy with indifference

they will say “we wish he was here”

with us, among us

and I smile when I hear this

knowing the difference

between them and him


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note to self – Day 20

Even the people who we have known for years/decades may turn out to be “unknown”, someone so different than what we have once thought of.

Getting to know a person takes more than just “knowing” someone – the idea is that without sharing, support, clear communication, and seeing each under different situations, our vision on the individuals will always be limited.

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