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I cannot believe it is Wednesday- the week is almost over.

In the morning, I needed to unexpectedly work on something with one of my team members, which somehow threw my daily schedule off. I felt distracted and inefficient. Thus I am not feeling satisfied about my work performance today. I did some work in the rest of the day though, just not the important ones that require my full attention. That is what happens when my day is fragmented between meetings, phone calls, urgent matters, and all. I need to protect my time to handle things.

I have learnt my lesson – I better keep the morning hours to myself so that I can do things and feel good about it. Awesome!

Since the days are long now, I stay up late in the office, maybe until 6pm. That is great so that I can catch up with work. In my unit, the summer work hours for staff is 30 min less/day than in winter. When comes to us, it seems to be opposite. This is of course a voluntary act on our side. I would rather work long hours in spring/summer than short hours in winter. When the darkness set, it is time to go home. That is my motto 🙂

I still have two more weekdays and if I wish, I know I can work at the weekend. I am hopeful that I will finish the things at my hand.

So no worries.

All will be fine.

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