I might be getting a cat, friends

I might be getting a cat, finally.

yesterday night at 2 am I woke up by the sounds coming from the en suite and detected mouse droppings on the floor. Yes, I have had mouse problem in the last 3 months but we have thought it was well controlled after a pest control company put traps and baits around the first floor of the house. We even got one in a trap 10 days ago. I was hopeful that that was it. But, no mice seem to be staying.

I slept on the couch on the first floor and put two traps and many sticky pads over the bathroom floor. There is nothing for now, but you can imagine my disgust and annoyance with this. For one, I paid over $300 to the pest company to help sort this problem. Well, it has not happened. yes, the mice showed up sporadically and maybe once a week I would see an activity, yet come on! – obviously either there is an entrance to the house or the baits are not working.

I called a friend of mine to “borrow” her cat to have its scent in the house – I heard that that would defer the mice. My friend said that this is only a wishful thinking and the best way is to have a hunter cat, a young and playful cat, in the house. My friend has convinced me finally that it is the sign that I should be getting the cat that I have been wanting to in the last one year or so. We hope to find one from a shelter this week.

I will love this cat; be friends with it; be its protector and carer; and we will be happy together 🙂

And, no mice please!

kind of tiring day

I am finally about to relax and enjoy my night..

It has been a long day, friends.

Worked till afternoon – it was not busy, so I am not complaining about work today 🙂

It was the house work and the hot-humid day that made me tired.

In short, I did the laundry and cleaned the home, especially the kitchen that has been the favorite of the pests (have I mentioned that we have got one mouse in trap on monday? yuck… yet, at least the old-man mouse trap did its work well. The baits that the pest control company put at different places of the house do not seem to be effective. The smarty mice do not eat them. How smart is that animal? I kinda respect that.. But, I also do not want them in my home. Hopefully it/they are gone, but who knows? – I will be watching…..)

Anyways; cleaning a kitchen in a way that makes me comfortable when there has been a mouse around is not easy. Understandably I have spent hours cleaning everywhere twice or thrice. Until I felt that it was okay to handle food or cook in that kitchen. That explains why I feel tired 🙂

I also took this opportunity and started my new decluttering activity at the kitchen: I found some cutlery and foam plates that have been with me for ever, which will be donated to my work place next Monday. I also shuffled some items that I hardly use (like juicer, blender) and put them in the top cabinet, which I hardly use and was empty. That left some space for other everyday-items at a lower cabinet, which pleases me very much.

I also noticed that I am using one of the cabinets to store paper towels, which in fact may be located somewhere else in the house. That excited me too, as some of my pots and glass containers would love to be rather stored there. So, see how useful this decluttering and cleaning activity was? Strongly recommended 🙂

As if these were not enough, while on it, I also started a sour-dough starter this evening! Yay me! Anyways, I am keeping the starter jar with me at the bedroom to keep it away from the pests – savages! leave it alone! 🙂 I had tried two starters while I was on vacation, and the second one had worked out quite well. Unfortunately we had to kill (!) it before I left as my family does not bake. Alas; if this one turns out to be okay, I am hoping to keep it for a long time. I will post about the details of how to make a sourdough starter some other time.

I also prepared a poolish to be used in baking tomorrow. Basically, I activated 1/4 teaspoon of dry yeast in 1 cup of warm water and 0.8 table spoon of sugar (all mixed) by covering at room temperature and waiting for 15 min. Since the quantity of yeast is not huge, it does not form aggressive foams but it does nevertheless form a cloudy liquid and give out its characteristic smell. I then added 1 cup of all purpose flour, mixed with the help of a spoon, and covered the mix to rest and ferment overnight at room temperature. I used a pot for this purpose to keep the potential pest away from my poolish! 🙂

Have a great Friday everyone 🙂

joy journal – May 26, 2016

1. I am grateful for sleeping well and getting up feeling well.

2. I am grateful for catching up the bus. I did not have to wait for it long this morning 🙂

3. I am grateful for forming a new potential collaboration and initiating an exciting proposal. We hope to be able to conduct this project as we have the expertise and the idea is interesting. While we are also cautious about the difficulties and the need for funds, nevertheless, since the interest is there, we will look for the opportunities and hopefully jump over the hurdles. let’s cross the fingers 🙂

4. I am grateful for realizing that there is a tension between a team member of mine and I. This needs to be fixed by me sometime soon. Work is stressful, pressuring, and difficult and we have had extensive discussions and meticulous job. Along the way we also accumulated pressure and tension, which we need to either cool down and vent it out. I will see how that will be fixed. One good opportunity is my coming vacation, which will help us not interact for a while. That can help reduce the tension and heal the emotions associated with it.

5. I am grateful for calling the pest control company today. I am very pleased with this, as I have an habit of delaying this kind of calls during the work hours. This time I was prompt and the company was, too. One gentleman came to my place this afternoon and placed baits around the kitchen area. We have identified activity around certain places and it looks like a new and not an extensive infestation. Also, it was great to know that it was mice, not rats 🙂

6. I am grateful for working at home in the evening and then walking to an appointment. That means I have walked around 1 hour total today 🙂

7. I am grateful for correcting the cashier that she charged me less than what she was supposed to do. I am glad that I have done the right thing.

8. I am grateful for not eating too much today 🙂

9. I am grateful for bumping into a couple of my friends while walking this evening. It was nice to chat with them and it was nice that they gave me a ride back home 🙂

10. I am grateful for working at home till late night. My mind is active and this is usually a good thing for work but an annoying thing for my mood. I better relax now and cool down. Once upon a time my mind was working hyper all the time and my sleep was disturbed for an extended period of time (like a year). It is not fun. But I am glad this has not repeated since then, other than occasionally.

11. I am grateful that tomorrow is Friday. I have a meeting to attend at noon but other than that my schedule is pretty empty.

12. I am grateful for this weekend when I plan to shop for flowers for my yard, clean it up further, and cut the grasses. I hope it is not gonna rain this weekend so that I can do all of these.

13. I am grateful for my home that provides me with a safe shelter, my furniture, appliances, TV, computer, internet connection, cable, clothes, shoes, kitchen items, and all bunch of all other things that make my life comfortable 🙂

14. I am grateful for being writing to this journal and remembering all the things, people, and experiences that I can be grateful for 🙂

random thoughts

It is a warm and humid day – it started raining in the evening and that feels just like the springs I know. One moment warm and the next moment it slightly cools down with the rain. All is welcome 🙂

I am happy with the work I have done today. I came home in the afternoon to work without distraction and it proved to be a good decision.

I have a new flower bloomed in my yard 🙂 it is hidden in between the leaves of a kind of large green plant. I did not plant it there, so I am assuming it somehow got in there. I also see many small plants here and there. As soon as I understand what they are i will either plug them out or let them grow. They are kind of under a tree from next door and I am assuming that they are the seeds from that tree that germinated. But I cannot be sure yet – I am wishfully waiting.

It is official that I have a pest problem…. Disgusting….. I found new poops in my kitchen counter that make me want to puke… I am calling the pest control company tomorrow – hopefully they will be able to give me some baits and this problem will be resolved soon. I am pretty much annoyed but then I know that I am doing okay in terms of taking steps: I have sticky bands everywhere, poison in two places, electronic repellents (which I think are not working as I found the poops close to them….), i placed all food in cabinets into glass jars or in the fridge, and I try to show up in the kitchen time to time to make sure that they know they are not the only thing there and behave maybe. … Maybe… I can only hope 🙂 I know this is not a pleasant topic to write about – bear with me. I just feel better facing the issue, that is all.

In contrast to almost all of the mornings in my life, this morning I have got up feeling good…. You know what I think is the reason? I filled my mind with positive thoughts right before I went to bed by writing my joy journal. I am curious to see whether I can replicate this feeling tomorrow and the days after that. If I can see that is the reason, then, my friends, I may have just found the key to happiness and less crankiness 🙂

That would be just awesome 🙂


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