my little succulent heaven :)

I am obsessed with succulents!

A few years back a friend of mine had gifted me two jade plants. I largely ignored them. One of them was so much ignored that it turned its colour to brown and with wrinkled leaves. Upon watering a few times, it is back to its gorgeous self 🙂


The second jade was watered more and staying in my bathroom – that one did not get bloom too much and one of the stalks was lying around. So, I chopped it and hope that the cut pieces will develop roots and make new jades 🙂


And this is my prop station – it has been 10-15 days now that I have lied them on a shallow level of soil. I hope to see some roots and little plants sometime. I am worried that so far I have not got one, but hope is hope and I keep going 🙂


Then another friend of mine has gifted me with a little haworthia – it really loved its new home and grown over the winter. I changed its pot and I have 4-5 leaves that I hope will germinate. They say it is difficult, if not impossible, but I am trying 🙂


I do not know how I started getting massively interested in succulents, but I have been addicted! I read about them everyday and they intrigue me with their variety and interesting growth and propagation styles. Just yesterday I bought three little fellas that I hope to grow, keep, and propagate. I love the Crassula Portulacea (aka Shrek plant, Spoon jade, gollum fingers). Look at him – is it not a beauty? 🙂


One of the other two have etiolated (meaning the stalk has grown tall while looking for light). I know it is challenging to fix this, but I am determined to take care of it well.

And this one is one of the jades that has grown from a fallen leaf – how cute is it?


Nature is amazing!



PS: I am trying to grow christmas cactus from the leaves. The way I read on the internet, I was supposed to callus the end and then insert into the soil. My question is, there are root like structures on top – was I supposed to insert that part of the leaves in the soil?

Any tips would be appreciated! 🙂


e-decluttering – finding forgotten stuff

Well, I have been cleaning my emails and I have found 15-20 pictures from 8 years ago.

I look so young in these pictures!!!

I am so happy that I found them – there are other friends of mine in them. We all look awesome.

Time flies so fast. I just thought “when did I get this old? How did that happen?”

There is nothing much to do I guess. Thought timing is interesting – just this morning I got up thinking “I am getting old and getting close to end.” That is not comforting.

When I was young, I thought 50 was too old; now I am a few years short of it. In a lot of ways I have had a regular life, did exciting work, and lived in beautiful places.

I have regrets of course but I guess the important thing now is to enjoy my life while I can. Appreciate my health, family, and friends. Stop worrying about things that bother me, but instead start seeing the big picture. To live the life to its fullest when I have a chance.

And also the short hair suits me better than the long hair – the pictures have proven it once more. It also makes me look younger 🙂

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