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What a beautiful day; crispy but sunny 🙂

I have a good mood mostly because I have had a great work day today; I have had 5 different meetings but all went very well. Also after I came home from the office, I took care of a document which was lagging at my hands. I always feel awesome after my procrastination ends 🙂 During the day, I also started to take care of another big work related issue; once I started and if I do not lose my speed, I know I will progress this one, too.

Considering how much I have been beating up myself for not working efficiently lately, this improvement in my performance is an exciting one. I am not sure what contributes to this, but I am glad it is happening.

I must tell you one thing: changing the furniture around my home last weekend has had a positive change in my mood. I keep telling myself how great and peaceful the new couch/seating area feels. I have been contemplating about it yesterday night and I am kind of thinking this set the positive mood for today. Could not be more appreciative 🙂

have a great night everyone! 🙂

joy journal – April 21, 2015

here are the good things, events, people, thoughts, and feelings for today 🙂

1. I have issues to deal with (work and house related), but I am keeping my morale not down. This surprises me for sure, but also delights me. I think the positive things happening in my life (such as the new office) and new support for some of my projects make me have a positive outlook on life’s challenges. More than that I guess I am getting increasingly seeing the whole picture (that is, life as a whole) and the importance and place of my issues. They are important issues, but I am not resisting to these issues, rather accept them as they are. I may or may not be able to solve this issues with desired outcomes, but I know I am doing my best.

2. I am grateful for having my dinner ready this evening; it is a left-over from yesterday so I did not have to think about what to eat, or spend time cooking.

3. I am grateful for walking this afternoon from office to home. It is surprisingly chilly outside, though the sky is clear and bright. I am perfectly fine with that.

4. I am grateful for the plant I bought for my office yesterday. I was not at first sure whether it would fit my office well. Its not exactly dark green, which makes me think like maybe it is not at its best condition. But, its leaves looks allright (i.e. soft), not too spiky and as such does have a soft impression. It just fit on the window trim well, in its new vase I had bought during the weekend. Looking good.

5. I am grateful for eating some fruits at noon when I attended a presentation by a colleague.

6. I am grateful for chatting with another colleague about a project of mine. He is supportive, which is awesome! This project is the biggest I have ever developed, once I form the project team, I plan to make an application. It is not going to be easy to get it funded, but I think it has a good chance of getting funded. Once funded, then it will be a busy time running that project, but I am (at least for now) okay with that.

7. I am grateful for cleaning my office a little bit today, before the dust can settle in. It did not require much effort, but it tells me that I can do this frequently so that I can keep it fresh, clean, organized, welcoming, and harmonic. I thank myself for being determined to do so 🙂

8. I am grateful for sleeping well yesterday night.

9. I am grateful for replacing my office garbage can with a new one! How nice 🙂

10. I am grateful for my house, TV, couch, other furniture, food, and power that make my life easy and practical.

11. I am grateful for the move to be finishing tomorrow. I have one equipment and my assistant has her computer and folders to be moved tomorrow. These will be the last things that link me to the old building and the office. After that I will submit the keys and say goodbye to old and continue to cherish the new building/office.

12. I am grateful for the book I have got at the weekend. It is positive and helps me to keep calm at the face of issues and challenges.

13. I am grateful for having a nice phone conversation with a colleague/friend of mine today, who allowed me to talk about the work-related issues and get her opinion and positive back-ups.

14. I am grateful for being fully comfortable with my new office and its arrangements. Some of my colleagues are complaining about not getting used to their offices or new telephones etc. which I have not experienced at all. I am, in contrast, celebrating this change 🙂

15. I am grateful for my purse. It is the largest one I have ever bought or used. I bought it last year, was very hesitant at first, but it takes up so much stuff, often many paperwork as well as all bunch of personal items.

16. I am grateful for tomorrow being a garbage collection day. I can dump all the old stuff and open space for the new ones.

17. I am grateful for not having a serious problem at home.

18. I am grateful for being well and sound.

19. I am grateful I have lost some pounds. Now, this is surprising as I am not making an attempt to lose weight (even though I would like to) and I have not particularly eaten all-healthy food lately. So I am giving it to moving around more (moving the office etc, the shopping mall visits at the weekend etc.)

20. I am grateful for being grateful and enjoying writing my joy journal. It sure gives me a break from daily thoughts and makes me positive.

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