those little things..

Life can be very surprising sometime.

Yours, our lives, my life.

if you let yourself floating with life, not structuring it, your desires, or actions, sometimes you may realize that there are things that you can do and change for the better. Often times it is a product of spontaneity.

Let yourself be spontaneous today. Have no particular aim. See how your day develops.

Hope it will surprise you too.

I feel like an author of a self-help book or blog; that is not my aim. I am not trying to say what you should do or what I say is the best and the right thing for you. Heck, I do not get, or plan to get, any personal gain out of this. At least not in the form of material.

I just do not know how else to describe and share what I have experienced today.

Being tuned with my inner core thanks to the long holiday staycation, crying induced by some devastating and painful news about people cowardly killed somewhere, and the love for my family all made this first day of the new year very special for me.

I am very grateful for today.



random thoughts

1. Writing is therapeutic. yes I am not having a blast of good feelings when I think about the possible consequences of my current issues. I want to repeat several times “I will be fine. Whatever happens, maybe not right after, but certainly after a while lessons learnt and my experiences will help me to go in a better direction, a better place in life”. Even writing this helps me to feel better. So please tolerate me writing this or similar sentences today or in the coming days.

2. Self-help books are useful in this sense. I find that the books that use the terms, such as “peaceful, welcoming, acceptance, harmony, etc.” have a positive effect on my psychology. I am aware that many thoughts, not necessarily positive ones, pass through our minds every moment. I believe reading such words and writing sentences as in (1) above, have a direct role in changing the thoughts going thru my mind and the feelings I have as a result of them.

3. Someone said today we need to be a little bit relax in our thinking and worries. I am a control freak, there is no question about that. And being a control freak and seeing possible risks/issues in future so that they can be prevented today are my characteristics. Now, a lot of people would find what I wrote about myself negative; trust me I understand why; because this kind of people are not easy or fun to work with. Yet, when a detailed, meticulous, and high-quality work is needed, such individuals like me can be very valuable. That is why I am okay with being a control freak. But do not get me wrong; it is not fun for me. I go through the anxiety and sometimes exhaustion of controlling things to my best as well as preventing or resolving issues.

4. Come to thing about it; risk assessment and preventing potential issues and errors are awesome; because they lessen the amount of trouble in future. See, I told you! Writing is therapeutic as it just occurred to me that the issues I am facing now could get worse if I had delayed facing them now. So, I should actually be okay with my current situation as long as I deal with them – a worse outcome is surely prevented!

I gotta write more so that I can understand myself and the big picture ahead of me.

Thanks for sharing your stories

Have you ever surprised yourself with the ways you dealt with things?

I am an antsy, reactive kind of person. Upon the occurrence of an issue, I have to assess the situation and then take the necessary actions.

Some people call me impatient: I happen to take the actions right away, rather than waiting; I think there are two reasons for that; a) as issues arise almost everyday, taking care of things right away is the most effective way (before I forget it or before other issues to deal with emerge), and b) unresponded issues almost always come back stronger. So, they can call me impatient, but I will do my best to take care of things as soon as possible.

Usually the issues, assessment, and deciding upon what to do are also stressful things; I often find myself experiencing the heaviness of the prospect and the stress coming out of it. Thus, my regular reaction to an issue would be an immediate “antsiness”.

Well, lately I have had some issues to deal with and I surprised myself by not feeling too stressed. I am not sure whether I accepted the situation as it is and effectively dealing with it, or I have been to similar issues before so I am more experienced in dealing with things. Maybe I have confidence, maybe I think I am not the only one in similar situations.

Not feeling isolated by thinking that the issue is specific to me (taking the “why me?” question out of equation) is helpful. Maybe that is why I am actually okay with reading the self-help books. Whether they are about our feelings/plans about our lives, interpersonal relationship, healthy-related issues, or work.

There is some kind of relief in this: we are not the only one going through life, with all the ups and downs.

Thanks for sharing your stories.

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