weekend excitement

weekend, yahoo 🙂

though, I am not feeling the excitement yet.

I got up late and when I did, my body was literally screaming out. My muscles particularly. Another convincing evidence that the movement is good for the body when it does not need to be taking a rest..

Ok… my daily effort to feel “good” continues. I did not really enjoy my breakfast or cleaning my home today. I thought “take it easy; you do not have to do whatever you do not want to“. This gives freedom and takes the feeling of being forced out of equation. Very helpful indeed. I can do something this evening, though I am not sure what it is. Maybe go see a movie? Cooking a healthy meal. That is something I need to be proud of. It will take some time but I am happy too wait a couple of hours. I know that my body will benefit from that meal. A feel good moment 🙂

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