so it goes the song…

Been a busy day, the bus came 20 min late while I waited on the street in the morning, I looked tired and stressed the entire day due the last week’s hurdles, I thought I/my hair was looking really miserable and that was hurting my image more than I want to admit, but I cannot complain.

I cannot complain because none of these matter so much in my life or in somebody else’s life. Plus, I am listening to a beautiful song right now, which makes me fill with love:) 

Boy, 80’s/90’s were the best time of the Pop/Rock!



crush of the day

I love listening to this soothing music that not only relaxes me when I need it most but also delights me with its musical harmony and colors; each of the notes and instruments have individual as well as collective beauty.

Give it a try; especially if you are going thru a down time. Hope it will soothe you with its beauty as much as it does me.

crush of the day

Oh well, it has been a while since I shared a song that I love. Here is a collection of “rock ballads” by several groups.

Personally I am stuck at listening the “Show Must Go On” over and over (the first song in the link below); I am sure others are great, too.

Music is so great – one of the most therapeutic “meals” for the mood. Happy listening everyone 🙂

crush of the day

Shamelessly, I am crushed with myself today 🙂

Why would I not? I have had a relaxing day, I am motivated to finish work before the holidays, I have slightly elevated self-confidence, I am really looking forward to end the lagging life discussions/relationships, and am ready to meet with new life experiences! May they turn out to be joyful and positive ones. For everyone.

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