nights, sleep, and carbs

I could not sleep. This is one the rare nights that I had to come back to my living room. TV is on and I am posting a blog.

It is raining outside – it started in the late evening. I wonder whether it will rain tomorrow, too.

Carbs are great in the sense that they help me sleep. I will have some bread in a minute or so. I am sure it will help me to get sleepy. Another thing that prevents me from sleeping is an active and excited mind. Thoughts. Well, it happens to anyone, anytime I guess.

Nights were always my favourite – quiet, peaceful, and lacking distraction. Great time for reflection, connecting to self, and relaxation. But, I had sleeping problem maybe a decade ago. I was not able to sleep till 4-5 am in the morning. i am not saying it has been healthy and did not affect my life negatively – it did eventually. I found exercise and eating carbs were the best way to help me sleep at a normal time.

So I can have carbs and let my body complain about it, or, I do not eat carbs and have difficulty falling asleep. Dilemma. Eventually, I hope my body will be okay with eating some carbs right before going to bed: sleep is essential too 🙂

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