breaking the routine

Taking advantage of the fact that I have got up at 8 am and I had 2 hour before my appointment in the morning, I decided to go get coffee and bagel at a nearby cafe.

I took my time savoring each bit and after that I even walked 30 min to my appointment. There was no slush on the roads, little ice here and there. So walking was not a problem.

Come to think about it, I may as well walk to office every morning (as long as it does not rain or snow). And, if i get up early like today, I may first have my breakfast at the cafe and then walk to my office. That (that is, having breakfast during the work days) would be so unusual of me, but Β guess I would like it.

I feel good about this.

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      1. Yeah, I also tend to get into routines and not want to change them! Even though my workplace is pretty flexible about starting and lunch times, I always get in at the same time and always taken lunch at the same time.

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          1. I definitely need to eat! I only take a half hour but it’s enough time to eat and just away from the desk, which is much needed sometimes!

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            1. fully agree with you and I recommend my team to have regular breaks (and lunch). It is just me – I think it is mostly because i am running from one work/meeting to other whole day, it is almost impossible for me to have a regular lunch time. You are doing great – enjoy your lunch breaks πŸ™‚


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