what frugality is not

I always thought whether picking up more than 2-3 the napkins at the cafes/restaurants was right or not.

The only time I have picked more than 3 napkins was when I accidentally touched them and thus made them possibly contaminated by my germs. They unfortunately were wasted and the company did not have to pay for it. I always try to be careful with such things.

Why am I writing this? Because I just read a frugal blogger saying that she or he once stole a towel or something from a hotel and the blogger labeled it as a frugal activity.

I am sorry but this is not frugality.

Unfollowed right away.


4 thoughts on “what frugality is not

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  1. It drives me crazy how some people think stealing is frugal! Towels are not THAT expensive and who wants a towel that everyone has been using? This is crazy!

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  2. That’s because people’s definition of frugality has been broadened exponentially. It went from saving, to spending less, to not spending at all, to spending other people’s money by any means necessary.

    So it’s no longer enough that we buy towels at Walmart or on the internet from China. We have to take take towels other people bought. Because it’s not a matter of spending less on them. It’s now a matter of not spending at all.

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    1. oh my… I am not going to preach anyone, but this evolution of the term frugality is not cool – where is our moral values? have we forgotten them? have we forgotten them because all our priority evolved about money? anyways, too much of a philosophy :))


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