when the socializing attempt feels good :)

My socializing attempt yesterday by hosting 6 adults and two little girls was a success:)

It took me some time to clean and cook, pick up stuff, and organize the dinner table, but I can tell you the people you are hosting make all the difference; nice, polite, and humble people make every effort of yours look like a giant success; abundance of laughter makes it comfy and fun; and more importantly, having two little kids at home is an amazingly joyful.

Kids and I played. I had a couple of toys from the past which we used to our enjoyment. The older kid (3.5 years old) was the doctor and put first aid bandage on every leg, arm, and head we could find on the toys. We also had a therapy dog (toy) for which the little girl (1 year old) and I made a dog house (out of a small cardboard box). At the end, thanks to the efforts of the kids and the therapy dog, all patients were healed and the puppy was very happy 🙂

My friends were amazing too; even though I almost burned the bottom of the bread, they ate it. And they ate everything else, which was awesome.

There were hassles, of course. Like, I burnt my sourdough (that I was rising) on the stove when I wanted to warm it up and then forgot to turn the stove off…

Oh, well. It was a fine day and I am okay with that 🙂


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  1. I’m glad you had a beautiful time. Hosting can be stressful, but the people you host can really make it not so. I hope you get to socialize more often.

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  2. Sounds like you had a great time. Nothing ever goes perfectly when hosting – that’s for sure. I have a friend who is the “Martha” in our group. She always puts on great gatherings. I told her once that it was intimidating for me to host her at my place as she always does everything so perfectly. She laughed it off and told me that she makes mistakes all the time – the trick is not to point the mistakes out to the guests and people rarely even notice them. Lol. Make sense really doesn’t it? Anyway, was happy to read of your success!

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    1. thank you 🙂 I loved Martha’s philosophy. I am the opposite of her!! I would point to and focus on whatever went wrong and demoralize not only myself but my guests too. I will keep this in my mind next time. cheers


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