joy journal – may 11, 2015

1. Not a bad day at all! I am very grateful for feeling better today compared to yesterday.

2. I am grateful for finally having had it, noticing I made myself unhappy by delaying tasks and plans, and challenging myself to take action. I know myself; I may not continue as I so far remained undetermined to take strong steps toward my wishes. But I also know that if I am pissed off enough, if my issues/tasks lagged too much and started to bother me, I can take a very strong stand. I hope that time arrived.

3. I am grateful for going to bed relatively early and waking up at the exact time I wanted to get up; 8.15 am. Why is this time important? Because if I get up at that time, I can catch the 8.40 bus and arrive the office around 8.50 am. Perfect timing!

4. I am grateful I took the bus this morning, as part of a challenge I invited myself into. I needed to talk myself into it, I was still resistant, but I could make it. One thing is critical for me to take the cab – to get up exactly at 8.15 – 8.20 am. Anything later or earlier than that prompts me to take the cab.

5. I am grateful for enjoying the bus trip – it takes 10 min to reach my office so it is fast. Additionally, I get to see a different route.

6. I am grateful for drinking three different kinds of tea at the office; at noon and afternoon. Tea makes me feel good.

7. I am grateful for taking care of three tasks that I have been delaying for some time. When they were done it was only 10 am – I felt like I accomplished a lot and also have a lot of time to start dealing with other work.

8. I am grateful for typing the step-by-step tasks that I need to take care of at work. Printed them out and placed on my desk. As I take care of them, I highlight them. Visually I am capable of seeing them being taken care of, which generates a sense of satisfaction and confidence. It actually makes me happy 🙂

9. I am grateful for eating sensible today. No breakfast as usual, a protein snack at lunch, and then a hearty salad and bread at the dinner. Bread could be limited, but that is okay 🙂

10. I am grateful for doing grocery shopping today. I have not done this in the last 10-12 days. I did a conscious shopping – only bought what I would need in the coming few days and purchased in relatively smaller amounts. I am trying to not waste grocery and decided to buy in small amounts but frequently.

11. I am grateful for buying apples today. time to time I love eating apples, but not all the time. I also love golden delicious or mcintosh apples most. Good to have found them today.

12. I am grateful for walking from office to home. It takes around 25-30 min. Supposed to be very good for my health. Also I do not need to wait for the bus. Extra grateful 🙂

13. I am grateful for following some blogs about budgeting and saving. I can be a great saver – I have been for some time. I am inspired back to reducing my expenses by reading others’ opinion and tips. I am very happy with that. Time to start also following blogs on healthy eating and exercise, though 🙂

14. I am grateful for working really well today – the satisfaction coming out of is awesome.

15. I am grateful for being grateful.

Have a great night everybody!

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