there is (cat) love once again

After my emotional experience “deciding-not-to-adopt-the-adorable-cat-due-to-his-previous-health-problems“, I have thought quite a bit.

My first reaction was to get cold feet again. But there was something nice about the scratch post and the little toys I had purchased last week, which are still in my living room. I did not feel like donating or removing them from my sight.

Mouser or not, I guess I realized I really wanted to have that type of special bond I had felt for the cat (that I decided not to adopt) with another one.

I experienced quite a sadness about the first cat choice of mine, yet now I think it was in fact useful for me. Prior to looking for cats, I always thought about the happy moments and joy that I would have by having a lovely living being around. If s/he would hunt pest/mice, that would be great too (the recent pest problem in the house has been a great motivator for me to get a cat, even though I had considered to get a cat in the last one year or so). I had also thought about sicknesses and felt the responsibility of taking care of the cat, but honestly I had not considered the emotions I would have when the cat would be in trouble (e.g. sick, injured etc.).

In other words, I was not completely ready to have the cat.

It was like buying my house. I bought the house with excitement and 9 days after I moved in, my roof leaked from 2 different places and made me severely anxious and depressed. I had felt betrayed by the previous home owners/renovators, and my real estate agent and the home inspector. I felt clueless, ineffective, and very stressed too as it took me almost a year to find a contractor and get the problem fixed.

While that was a horrible experience, it had also told me that life was not gonna go on like I imagined it. Even though I had heard the house repair and maintenance needs/issues from others, I guess without experiencing it, I had felt like it would never happen to me. That was not the reality. While I felt bad for a long time and I still feel like my home may give trouble to me anytime, I guess now I have a more realistic view too. Yes, good days will happen (like the last 1.5 years during which I have had no major issues at my home) and bad days in the future (like that time when I have had the roof problem). And that was only normal. Expected. My house-roof problem had made me experience and see the reality.

Realizing/remembering these helped me to think differently about my cat ordeal. I would be attached to my future cat too and there would be both good days and bad days; there would be sickness, injuries, and even death. I could not expect all joy and excitement, re; my life with the cat. I would have anxiety, depression, or worry about the cat, the way I take care of it, the way it is and the diseases, such as worms, associated with it, and the financial cost of taking good care of it (vet visits etc.). And there would be purrrs and all too 🙂

So, I feel better now and I am not afraid to think about getting another cat.

As a matter of fact, I went back to the first shelter I have been to two days ago, alone, and planned to check the cats I have chosen through the website. I had 6-8 cats in my list, but I found myself checking/spending time with two only; both of these cats I had seen two days ago.

One of them was a female with odd-coloured eyes (one green, one blue). She is quiet and feels alright. Yet, not necessarily exciting, bonding..

Then I went to the male cat section and I found myself checking the young male cat who spends time in his cage mostly and who looks quite grumpy to me. I had joked with my friend the other day that I would love to adopt and observe this cat very much, but it looked like I was scared of him and that he would give me trouble/stress, so I would not be interested in him.

Well, I was wrong – that is the cat that I am pretty attracted to, one that I can feel some kind of love, affection, and interest towards. I spent some time with him, let him sniff my hands, touch my hands with his little feet, and eventually I took him out of his cage and held for a minute or so. I was not scared this time and he was not, either. So that was the moment I decided that I could get this cat.

We do not know much about this cat as he was abandoned a month ago and was a stray. I was told that he does not like to socialize with other cats and that is why he is spending time in his cage, but I am not sure that is the whole truth or he is sick/old or something (hope not). Honestly, he does not look like a very active cat or a mouser to me, but hopefully I am wrong.

I will go have my friend look at the cat again and if things are alright, will put in the adoption papers. I may get heart-broken again if there is something wrong with him or he is too old, so I am keeping my hopes lower this time, but I am also kind of excited that I could love and bond with a cat again 🙂

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  1. It seems like there is always something and it’s hard to have to pass on one that you had your heart set on. However, I have found that we always seem to end up with exactly the right pet for us, even if they weren’t our first or second choice.

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      1. He sounds very cute! One of our cats is a black and white short haired girl, we named her princess, she was living on our property when we moved there, and she is becoming one of our most loving cats. Best of luck in deciding 😊

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        1. thank you so much for good wishes! it is great that you have adopted princess but did not let go or give away to the shelters. I had seen one shelter where the cats were confined to the small cages, which had broken my heart. You have a kind soul – have a wonderful and joyful time with princess 🙂

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  2. Thank you! It is sometimes hard having animals, but in the end it is always worth it. I often used to worry about giving our pets the
    Best life they could have, but as long as they are in a loving and happy home that is what they need more than anything. They do take a lot of time, money, heart and heartbreak though. It is heartbreaking to see all the animals in the shelters. 😓

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    1. I found some kind of peace with this comment about getting a cat. I think we all want the best to ones that we love and I am very worried that I will not be able to do this myself, especially at the beginning (first time cat-owner-to-be-here 🙂 ) It so helps to hear other owners’ sincere feelings and opinions – kinda makes me feel like I am not the only one going thru these. thank you for doing this positive shift in my thinking! 🙂

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      1. You’re welcome 😊 I have four cats and two dogs and they are all unique. They are pains in the butt somedays (like when the dogs decided to eat some craft paint, and when all the cats want to sleep on the bed at once) but I couldn’t imagine my life without them. It sounds cliche, but it is true. And my first cat (even though she is still the craziest one) will always have a special place in my heart.

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  3. First, I love your new site layout, it’s beautiful!! I also love all the thought and consideration you are putting into this cat, whichever cat it may end up being. Often people don’t think long enough about it, they adopt a cat and then wish they didn’t and sometimes even return the cat. I think the cat you connect with is the cat you should get, even if this cat is older he will be lucky to live his latter years with you! I know it will be harder for you if he’s not around long enough but consider yourself the transition person for the cat from this world into the next. You could help many cats live wonderful lives in their latter years and have you to thank for knowing such joy!! Whatever you decide follow your intuition, it’s always right!! xo

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    1. thanks a lot Deb – I too liked the new layout, still trying to figure out how to best navigate/use but so far I am glad I made this change. Your comment on the senior cats moved me deeply.. knowing that I could do so much to make their last years comfy and happy. My circumstances are a little bit limiting (my only concern is how to best care for the cat while I am away for extended periods of time. like my annual family visit that lasts 5 weeks…) If I had a solution to that, I would be happy to get a cat right tomorrow, sick or young or old, does not matter! 🙂

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      1. Hmmm that is a long time. Would it be possible to bring the cat with you? Or do you have a friend who would watch it? Well whatever you decide will be the right decision for you!! 🙂 xo

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        1. I considered both of these options. My family suggested that I take it with me to them 🙂 it is a possibility yet a) my flights are long, b) mom has birdies at home, c) in the summer house that we go to, it may be hard to keep the cat in the house (lots of open spaces) – and I do not want to lose the cat. I have friends here as well; but some of them are allergic and some have many cats already and the cat I want to adopt does not like other cats. I will call two cat boarding company here tomorrow and visit to check their facilities if required to see whether they can be an alternative. otherwise, I have no choice but to abandon the cat dream… 😦

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          1. What if you were to postpone the adoption until after your trip, then next year you’ll have a year under your belt with the cat and will know better then what to do with him/her. That may be your best solution… good luck… xo

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  4. This is a lot of fun going through this with you one day at a time on your end and me trying to catch up with the week I was with my husbands family grieving my mother in law. I’m stopping the comment now because I need to see what is waiting for me and what decision you made. Hahaha

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    1. I am sorry about your mother in law. I remember from your posts that she is free now. but the ones left behind always feel the sadness and grief over the loss. May everyone find in their heart the peace they deserve. *and yes, come back some other time – this past week was one of the longest week of mine – lots happened and I got too emotional, but let’s see how I will come up with the right decision). Have a great week!

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